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DiedUnknownCause of deathUnknownSpouseFred AndrewsRelativesLucy MedlinTed MedlinJon MedlinBertha Medlin was a white schoolteacher born in the late 1800s.The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, April 2007.Due to the pressure of having to fulfill a role both at and away from home, women were less likely to get married during the Great Depression.Jones, Karen H, and Desirae M Domenico.Jones, Karen H, and Desirae M Domenico.

Underpaid, But Employed: How the Great Depression Affected Working Women.Medlin had three other siblings, Lucy, Ted, and John Medlin.Students who were of wealthier backgrounds were not affected by the tolls of the Great Depression.After graduating, Medlin got married to Fred Andrews.Accessed March 26, 2021.Accessed March 26, 2021.

women's day 2021 march

Tar Heel Junior Historian, January 1, 2010.The Effects of the Great Depression on Education Attainment.Medlin left her teaching position to return home to her sick mother who died in the spring of 1917.Journal of Career and Technical Education 22, no.Snow Day in Siler City, NC.At a young age, Medlin decided that she would go into teaching.The University of Nevada, Las Vegas, April 2007.

women's day 2021 march

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Life of a School Teacher.Rural students who once relied on public transportation to and from schools had to find other ways to get to schools such as walking or biking.Accessed March 26, 2021.In high school, Medlin excelled in all subjects, especially mathematics.Female teachers turned the classroom into workshops for motherhood and other homely practices, rather than actual learning as modern education systems do.Project, Folder 688, no.

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Public Schools in the Great Depression.After ten years of teaching at Staley, Andrews died, leaving Medlin alone and childless.Career Aspirations of Women in the 20th Century.Since the age of six, Medlin accounts for learning to help her mother with farm chores.Medlin lived with her family on a farm east of Siler City, North Carolina.

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Tar Heel Junior Historian, January 1, 2010.College at Greensboro in the fall.During the Great Depression, women underwent a shift in public spheres in the United States.Soon, it was decided that a teacher would be dropped from Silk Hope, and the anxiety of it being Medlin, who had been teaching there for over 20 years, overtook her mind.Project by Katherine Palmer sometime in March, 1939.Television Networks, March 11, 2019.

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Bertha Medlin was a white schoolteacher born in the late 1800s.Television Networks, March 11, 2019.

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