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Tell us about it!Every single movie on this page is, in some fashion, a completestinker.Can mentoring benefit high risk youth?Range of significant effects was.Check out what your fellow readers say about their own favorite bad movies.

This film review site is dedicated toreviewing bad movies for bad movie lovers.No part of this page, except for the rating symbols, may be copied without prior written consent.Want to read more about bad movies?And yet, these movies are not all the same.Do you have a favorite bad movie?How well has research and development of youth mentoring followed the basic tenets of prevention science?Bad, Bad, Bad, Bad Movie is a RinkWorks production.

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If you have a bad movie to recommend, however, rather than emailing us about it, why not review it instead on the Reader Review Submission page?We invite you to visit our other BackTalk to us!What do these movies have in common?The rating symbols are images which have been released into the public domain.Results from Bernstein et al.

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Gone With the Wind.FAQIs youth mentoring a form of prevention?The ratingscale goes from one turkey to five turkeys.Billy the Kid Vs.Monitoring and support of each match.What approach to mentoring could possibly fit this model of risk and protection?

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