Theme Of Women'S Day 2021 In Hindi

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

And will that team return to the border or some other configuration of staff members?They keep asking this question.Now that teachers are eligible in most every state, what do you say to those teachers and school officials who refuse to get vaccinated?President said last night, certainly the Russians will be held accountable for the actions that they have taken.

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SECRETARY CARDONA: Well, you know, vaccination is one of those strategies that we know, in addition to the mitigation strategies, allow for schools to safely reopen.Why have we still not seen any images inside these facilities?But Mexico and Canada are also looking for doses of vaccines.There are law enforcement authorities who do that.And obviously it will determine what the outcome is here, and he certainly respects that.PSAKI: I know in his heart he would really like to go.Connecticut, when I was commissioner of education, was because we worked very closely with our health department.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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Now is not the time to come.DHS to do it?Border Patrol agents quoted in a lot of your stories, and you speak to frequently.So where does that stand?How will you ensure that the money is actually spent for the things that schools need to reopen?VAWA so that he can sign it into law soon.And certainly from the White House, we support that.

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Justice Department or their decision making.Staffing was also reduced to put it on par with the new reduced capacity.This is a very difficult and treacherous journey.They talked about the topic of Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo.Is the Biden administration concerned about the number of families choosing alternatives to public education because of the pandemic?Typically, we preview those maybe the day before, typically.He was briefed overnight.

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Jen, you said 425, 000.And it is not our policy to prevent people from talking.PSAKI: It depends on how much money you make.You referenced one of them, which is reinstituting the CAM program, which would allow kids to apply from their home country.And sometimes, it allows countries to hold themselves to lower standards on human rights, on freedom of press, freedom of speech.President would say what to that?Can I ask one last question from the interview last night?

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SECRETARY CARDONA: Thank you.Rochelle Walensky will also be in attendance.We are working to repair what has been an unprepared and dismantled system.And so now you have the exact same thing happening.Thursday did sign an executive order.PSAKI: Because his focus is on action and taking actions and moving forward policies to ensure we are expediting the processing at the border, that we are opening more facilities, that we are putting in place policies that will move kids more quickly through the Border Patrol facilities, more quickly into safe and secure homes.And 1, 400 people a day are still dying in the United States of America.

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PSAKI: He was asked in that frame and asked in the frame of how to get work done and how to move forward the agenda for the American people.And he will continue to look for ways to elevate and talk about this issue moving forward.Democrats and Republicans on.Is President Putin a killer?We were successful because we work closely with them.And he certainly defers to them on decisions that are made on that front.

theme of women's day 2021 in hindi

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All right, a couple of other things at the top.People want to see their family members.CBO, the bulk of which had not been spent.And we know that schools are needing that to not only prepare for reopening now, but also to plan ahead.Two things: One, when might we expect a major push on this?And can we embed HHS and ORR in the system, in the process, so that they can call that number and see if that can be a vetted family member to get these kids connected to quickly?SECRETARY CARDONA: My condolences to the family and the communities that suffered that violence.

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Secretary of Education Dr.If, come fall, the schools are still unopen, would the administration find that unacceptable?Russia than the prior administration.PSAKI: Yes, that was part of the briefing he received when his team came back.In education, we have a lot of work to do.Can you confirm those reports?The President said yesterday he does not have plans to visit the border.

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Is there a limit to the number of children that will be allowed in?With that, Darlene, go ahead.So, how is the situation on the ground, in Mexico, any different?So do you exclude sharing vaccine on a bilateral basis?So, when we came into office, there existed about 13, 000 permanent beds in HHS ORR permanent and influx shelter system facilities during the last administration.And the President is an optimist.And does the administration have a plan to encourage them to return to public school?

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And also, the report specifically mentions his son.He then served as a school principal.DHS oversees the Border Patrol facilities.SECRETARY CARDONA: Thank you.But we are fighting through this pandemic.Are you a billionaire?

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So first question from a colleague: Is President Biden going to call the President of Ukraine, Zelensky, in the near future?So, the President has spoken out strongly about the need to halt violence against Asian Americans.Why did President Biden feel the need to weigh in, to say that if the claims of these women were confirmed, that the governor would likely be prosecuted?Mexico and created pretty dangerous living conditions for these migrants.One of the reasons he wanted a briefing from people who have been in there is so he can see himself what it looks like.Secretary, thank you for being here.Why would it violate their conscience?

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PSAKI: He was not saying this is going to happen.The goal really is: This spring we want our students back in school as quickly, as safely as possible.And how frequently is he talking to officials that are down there who are getting that firsthand look?The prior administration also did not consider that there were other mitigation efforts like masking, improved ventilation, cohorting, and other measures that would contain the spread of COVID.And you all, you know, oversee the Department of Homeland Security.Did you mean 400?All the in between that our teams from Telemundo and other reporters on the ground are meeting.

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To clarify, did he mean individuals or households?The border is not open.So, he wanted all the specific details.PSAKI: Well, the President respects the role of law enforcement and the justice system, as we often state from here and as he has often stated.Women Act, as you all know, is being considered in Congress today.

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Russians are extremely upset about it.As a practical matter, yeah, she is.PSAKI: Well, I think this is, no doubt, a complicated circumstance.Are you at all frustrated by this potential course correction?We will be direct.Senator Lindsey Graham, as an example, on a bill to try to give more funding to address the root causes in these countries.

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We have not yet provided vaccine doses to any country.How many hours a day would that include?You know, as the Education Secretary, do you see some role for the federal government to play in terms of spreading, you know, a message of tolerance or, you know, to work against discrimination?Names of the weekdays were not regularly capitalized in English until late 12c.Department of Homeland Security.Back on the border.

Does he have a personal view on it or is he just deferring to HHS?PSAKI: The thousands of children?This is a treacherous journey.SECRETARY CARDONA: Not at all.President conveyed last night.Health and Human Services Department.PSAKI: Give me a little more information.

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Thank you so much.This was one of the stickiest sticking points for so many schools as they tried to reopen.And we have still found ways to work together on areas where we have mutual interests, including the extension of New START by five years.Will it be in here, somewhere else?PSAKI: He also repeated a story that he told in his own book about a conversation he had with President Putin.Was he talking literally, or was he talking metaphorically?They had their own press conference this morning.

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PSAKI: That was not our first awareness of that.But there are new camps popping up.And so we are still in the midst of fighting a war against the pandemic right, we have vaccinated more people in this country because of access, because of supply, because of operational capacity than virtually any other country in the world.Most of the time, yes.Can you clarify: Was he just talking there about the Senate and the filibuster, or is it a broader concern?And just one other question on this.

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How many, ultimately, would be allowed in?SECRETARY CARDONA: Thank you.To do so, Secretary Cardona and his department provided school districts with the balance of guidance, local autonomy, and oversight needed to ensure equitable and meaningful educational opportunities for students while also prioritizing public health mitigation measures.On schools, billions are going out to try to get them to reopen now.Thank you, Jen, and Happy St.

So what is his reaction to Putin and his proxies going after him personally?And so, I certainly can convey to you that he will have more of those in the weeks ahead.President say in this interview that he conducted that he is encouraging people not to come.So, with that, I will turn it over to the Secretary.Will they be making periodic trips down there to assess conditions, or was this one and done?We will speak out on areas where we have concerns.

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And thank you, Mr.And what we are trying to do is address this in an effective and humane manner, and that requires putting in place additional policies and measures.PSAKI: Well, we convey with every official that speaks.What would that mean for your review of those policies?There is some reporting out saying that those would be at the top of the list.They are key partners as we discuss security in the region, and certainly the threats from North Korea are part of that.

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Obviously, the signing of New START is an example of that, addressing nuclear proliferation is an example of that.How many of these kids, when they come across the border, have a phone number in their pocket?We know students learn best from students, teachers learn best from teachers, and states will learn best from states on how to safely reopen schools quickly.It looks okay to him?American Rescue Plan money was sent out to get those schools to safely reopen?Day will look much different than this year, as I know he did during the meetings.

Do you have any update or any other potential engagements in the near future?And people are plowing through the airports.PSAKI: Oh, go ahead.President esident Biden has been clear that the United States will also respond to a number of destabilizing Russian actions.Has he asked for or been shown these photos of inside the facilities where some of the children are being held for three days?HHS would be the ones making a decision.

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In talking to the Taoiseach, did he make any commitment, as far as once presidential travel resumes, to a trip there?We are not going to look the other way, as we saw a bit over the last four years, and we will continue to press them on their actions.Jill Biden will be offering opening remarks and Dr.That should be swift; it should be thorough.Obviously, the President spoke to this during an interview that he conducted just last night.PSAKI: Thank you, Mr.The days in nowadays, etc.

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SECRETARY CARDONA: At this point, vaccination is available for educators.Secretary Ali Mayorkas did an interview just yesterday.You talked about the team that went to the border.PSAKI: So should we send some kids, who are 10, back at a certain point?Atlanta, and then I want to ask you another question on the border.It was a program that was already in place and was ended in 2017.

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That was the policy of the last administration.He is committed to expediting the processing at the border.And if you do reduce it to three feet, would it make it much easier for schools to reopen in your opinion?PSAKI: A limit or a cap?Taiwan, come what may?And we remain committed to transparency.

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People are still dying across the country.Jen, there is a report out that the President personally opposes the reopening of the Homestead detention center in Florida.And this will certainly be a part of that.Well, Andrea, our first strategy is, of course, to ensure the American people are vaccinated.Can I ask you about the money quickly?

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Is there any chance that you could say something about the shootings in Atlanta?Border Patrol facilities are not facilities made for children.We are working to figure out where we can do it in the White House to ensure we have a greater number of people who can attend, and we will do that in a very transparent manner.Denver, Colorado; the day before was in Las Vegas, Nevada; that she has been out there working her heart out, communicating with the American people.Thank you for being here.So some people are worried that would violate their conscience.The nostalgic those were the days is attested by 1907.

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And how frequently is he getting updates on some of the numbers of people who are being taken in?IRS make their final decisions.And we want to work with them to ensure we can do it, respecting the privacy and, obviously, the health protocols required by COVID.Commissioner of Education in Connecticut.Nothing about making it mandatory?

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Russia, are attempting to divide us.Monday that 100 million payments would be sent in 10 days.Today, the head of the CDC said that they are looking to update guidance reducing the social distancing recommendations from six feet to three feet.Congress, other countries to understand what their actions are.But to broaden it out, why does the President think attacks on Asian Americans are increasing in this country?Taiwan for you today.

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China having designs on Taiwan.He has raised several times that, next year, St.PSAKI: I certainly did not say that.PSAKI: We certainly expect schools to be open in the fall.Miguel Cardona, who was confirmed just two weeks ago.Border Patrol officials who are quoted in them, who appear in them.

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And we hope that there is opportunity there, but our relationship will look different.Democracy is having a hard time functioning.And we are going to be straightforward and we are going to be direct in areas where we have you know, there is an ongoing review.But it seems like Moscow has concluded that they can handle that.And just on one other topic.TSA reporting big numbers going through airports.But I know the White House is committed to trying to open schools five days a week.

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This is not a safe journey for people to take, of any he believes, as he talked about last night, that no parent is looking and just trying to make a bet on whether their kid can, kind of, make it.Roberta Jacobson speak to this, and a range of officials beyond them, who are speaking directly with countries, working in partnership with them, speaking directly through channels that are in the region that: Now is not the time to come.And one of our strategies is to transparently expose their tactics so that the world is aware of them.People want to go see their friends.