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Hinduism has a caste system.Gentile standing on one foot.Most conservative Muslims are peaceful.

Many surmised that he agreed with it.The Church of Scientology supports GR.The Torah displays various stages of moral and religious development.As you treat others, so will God treat you.Those who spread division are much the same, whether they be Jewish, Christian, Muslim, Hindu, or whatever.

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This was what Benedict wanted to discuss.GR needs to be part of a larger framework.Epistle to the Son of the Wolf has this passage:Be generous in prosperity, and thankful in adversity.Paganism, Theosophism, and Unitarianism.Journal of Religion 26: 273f.This section began by noting how multicultural the world is becoming.

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Today most neighborhoods are integrated.What is hateful to yourself, do not do to another.Also important is the Talmud, where rabbis comment on the Torah through stories, proverbs, and sermons.Love your neighbors; regard the joy or pain of another as your own.As noted earlier, we need to get the facts straight before we apply GR.GR is a family of related principles, not a single principle, and no one saying can exhaust GR.Despite appealing to spontaneity, Taoism has standard norms and virtues.

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There is no one dearer to me than myself.Live as sons and daughters of one God; the world is one big family.Mussie Hailu is an interfaith GR activist from Ethiopia.This hints at a GR variation, where we imagine someone we care about on the receiving end of the action.God is too big to fit into one religion.Jesus will be saved.

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Humanity is one family, men and women are equal, prejudice must be eliminated, and world peace must be upheld by a world government.Confucius, Hillel, and Jesus?GR is in a given religion, and is GR in all religions?He envisions a smartphone app that shows, when we act toward another, a transformed video where the same thing is done to us.You shall not commit adultery.

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Violating this order brings harm to us and to others.Riches and honor without justice are like passing clouds.And what about you, your majesty?The fundamental purpose animating the Faith of God and His Religion is to safeguard the interests and promote the unity of the human race, and to foster the spirit of love and fellowship among men.He had previously given GR as summarizing the Law and the prophets.The passage is obscure.But they likely came to a deeper understanding of differences and a greater mutual respect.

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This brought relief to many and the hope that all Islamic countries might respect religious freedom.The caste system remains influential, even though India outlawed it in 1948.The heart of the person before you is a mirror.Peter says, in the presence of the Roman soldier Cornelius, that those of every nation who fear God and act justly are acceptable to God.Abrahamic believers endorse GR and concern for others.If this image is used in the course, refer to it here.

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Diversity has replaced homogeneity.By His Grace, I am cured of the disease of egotism.So how do the two love norms relate to GR?What do we have in common that can help us to live together?Spirituality is more than morality, but it must include moral intentions.Our lives degenerate if we love humanity but not learning.

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Christian relations recently moved to a new phase.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.McKenna has had an impact that is both global and local.Buddhism, was born a Hindu to a royal family in India.You shall not make or worship idols.Suppose we want to love others; how do we apply this love?

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Guru is a friend to all; everyone is dear to Him.The Life and Morals of Jesus of Nazareth, Philadelphia: Jacob Johnson.Avoid Evil: A Global Ethic from theSources of Judaism, trans.Ife: The Yoruba People and Their Book of Enlightenment, Palo Alto, Calif.Gensler takes the Islamic GR to apply to our treatment of everyone.GR:What you do not wish others to do to you, do not do to them.

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Oxford: Oxford University Press.Prophet Nathan confronted the king about his wrongdoing by telling him a story where someone else did something similar.First, we need to know how our actions affect others.Kshatriyas, from the arms, are warriors.Both taught an elevated morality and set the tone for ethical thinking in their part of the world.You shall not have other gods before me.Confucius, with a sour face, sees the world as clashing with how we ought to live.

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Be worthy of the trust of your neighbor, and look upon him with a bright and friendly face.GR saying in many native African religions.When everyone regards other persons as his own person, who will rob?Is there anyone dearer to you than yourself?What could we do on a GR day?Demand much from yourself and little from others.

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GR poster and spread it across Africa.We need to live spontaneously and follow instinct.Christianity and Islam build on its ethical ideals and notions about God.The greatest obstacles to inner peace are disturbing emotions such as anger and attachment, fear and suspicion, while love and compassion, a sense of universal responsibility are the sources of peace and happiness.Then there are radical demands.Jaina Sutras, Sutrakritanga, bk.

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You shall not steal!Jesus of Nazareth, trans.Roman polytheism, Yoruba, and Scientology.This makes sense, since people of such religions, when they hear GR, often take it to express how they try to live.Americans, or native Americans.

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Taoism accepts many gods, is mystical and poetic, and emphasizes meditation and worship.Any serious and thoughtful atheist likely supports GR in some form.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.He was pleased when Gensler told him that the book would have a section on atheism.While a firm Hindu, Gandhi was influenced by other faiths and claimed to be also Jewish, Christian, Islamic, and Buddhist.

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The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.As a Christian, I enjoy what you say about Jesus.Betz 1995: The Sermon on the Mount, Minneapolis: Fortress, pp.Web search revealed that many Mormons are strongly committed to GR.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.He was committed to truth, faith, vegetarianism, simple living, and universal justice and love toward all faiths, races, and castes.Many liberal Muslims, although critical of the West, want to adapt more to the modern world.

But it was an important step.The Moral Circle andthe Self, ed.Many conservative Muslims say no.While many religions have an explicit, clear, universal GR, it would be premature to conclude that such a GR is present in all religions.Wattles 1996: The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.

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One who is going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.He was a major force in creating the first interfaith organizations in Ethiopia.Such Abrahamic religions accept one supreme personal God who created the world out of love for us and revealed himself and his will through sacred writings.He attained wisdom, compassion, virtue, and freedom from hatred and desire.GR provides a procedure to translate this into action.

Hinduism started before recorded history and has no known founder.The wise bring out the good in people, the unwise bring out the bad.So when he finds his friend hungry he will feed him, and when he finds him cold he will clothe him.God, who expanded His expanse, is within all; I learned this from the True Guru.Sites and have texts.Since Küng had no precedent for this, he was initially perplexed on what to do.We do this by following nature and interfering as little as possible.

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Most other religions would accept these commandments.It has sold 100, 000 copies throughout the world, with copies in different languages and in many prominent places.He remembered events from a previous life and saw how our deeds influence our next life.He decided to write a draft on what was common to the religions and then revise it in light of reactions from many experts from different religions.Have, not just pure outer behavior about anger and lust, but also pure inner dispositions.What most divides the world is hatred, terrorism, and war between religious groups who profess the golden rule.

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No, this view clashes with Christianity, for three reasons.New York: Schocken, and Wattles 1996: The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.Mayton 2009 Nonviolence and Peace Psychology, New York: Springer, ch.Jaina Sutras, Akaranga Sutra, bk.GR, as a common norm of great worth.Meier 2009: A Marginal Jew: Rethinking the Historical Jesus, Volume 4: Law and Love, New Haven, Conn.But the gospels have to appeal to a wide range of people and thus provide lower motives as well as higher ones.

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Treat other persons as brothers and sisters, as sons and daughters of God, as you want others to treat you.We all have friends, and even relatives, of diverse races, religions, ethnic groups, or sexual orientations.We can imitate their good qualities and take their bad qualities as a warning.What Did Jesus Mean?GR may be the best guide we have to help peoples of the world to live together in peace.Also in his BasicConcepts of Intercultural Communication, Yarmouth, Me.

Jaina Sutras, Sutrakritanga, bk.People today are rediscovering this same insight.For us, it raises two key questions.God revealed himself through prophets that include Abraham, Moses, Krishna, Buddha, Zoroaster, Christ, and Muhammad.Similarly a religion may have GR in its writings but not pay attention to it.Another is GR:There is a principle which is found and has persisted in many religious and ethical traditions of humankind for thousands of years: What you do not wish done to yourself, do not do to others!One can only hope that this new spirit of mutual respect and understanding will trickle down to Muslims and Christians throughout the world.

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Wilson 1956: The Culture of Ancient Egypt, Chicago, University of Chicago Press pp 121.Jeremias 1961: The Sermon on the Mount, London: Athlone.Diwali, is celebrated by Hindus all over the world.He added that these sum up the Law and the prophets.God made us of different faiths to compete with each other in doing good.GR need to understand it better.

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The children of men are all brothers, and the prerequisites of brotherhood are manifold.Hindu karma works in part through reincarnation; your soul after death returns to live in another human or animal body, higher or lower depending on your moral character.God, and some see Buddha as divine.Jesus lived in an interfaith environment and often praised those of other faiths.Gensler likes the mirror idea.

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Weapons are the least important, trust the most important.You shall not bear false witness.Do not do to others what you do not want them to do to you.If your eyes be turned towards justice, choose for your neighbor that which you choose for yourself.If a man foolishly does me wrong, I will return to him the protection of my ungrudging love; the more evil comes from him, the more good shall go from me.Gold 1 is about actions while Gold 3 is about desires.

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So both forms say the same thing.Twiss 1978: Comparative Religious Ethics, San Francisco: Harper and Row.Wattles 1996: The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.GR and spreading the word.God will punish his people for their injustices, for selling the just man for silver and the poor man for a pair of shoes.An eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth.Rabbis found 613 commandments in the Torah.

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Nor does Divine Providence deny the helps necessary for salvation to those who, without blame on their part, have not yet arrived at an explicit knowledge of God and with His grace strive to live a good life.Gensler got the idea for this from a paper by his student Ashley Marie Markiewicz.We can be moral because God created us in his image and likeness, with the abilities to know right from wrong and to choose between the two.In Tibet, the teachings of the Buddha have been a strong and pervasive influence.Traditional religious GRs are folksy proverbs.What is common is GR and concern for others.So opposing universal love is incomprehensible.

If both sides follow this, they can learn to get along.Returning force for force, instead of first trying GR, encourages further retaliation.They have been opposed by thinkers like Roderick Chisholm and Richard Swinburne, who defend the belief in a self that literally persists through time.When Gensler visited Scarboro Missions in Toronto in August 2010, he saw that McKenna had many people fired up about GR; Gensler met with six who related their stories about how to apply GR, especially in educating children.Hillel gives GR as summarizing the Torah, which, with 613 commandments, needed a summary.Good Samaritan helping a Jew who had been beaten, robbed, and left to die.

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So the theology varies.All the commandments are summed up in this, that whatever you would like the True One to do to you, that do to His creatures.If I harm my neighbor then I harm myself, for my neighbor is myself.Classical Confucianism is more a philosophy than a religion.Discussing ethics, morality, and religion without serious consideration of atheism leaves one, I think, with weak tea.Some beliefs may lead to religious persecution despite GR.

Hillel: If Not Now, When?Protestant and Catholic terrorism in Northern Ireland that all Christians are terrorists.Even the wishes of an ant reach to heaven.Yes, good people from diverse groups share some deep values.Rays of yellow and blue radiate from the earth.

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Pure intention is emphasized.He sees GR as a path to peace, justice, and interfaith understanding.Some groups that claim to be religions clearly reject GR.Repay hatred with justice, and kindness with kindness.The equivalence and complementarity views both seem sensible and consistent with the Bible.Have respect for life!Without denying differences, he emphasizes that both groups worship the one God and must show mutual respect and solidarity.

So one should not hurt others if one loves oneself.Gensler often visited the one just north of Chicago.Is it important that we do so?Love your enemies; if a foolish person does you wrong, respond with love.There are two plausible views here.

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The Book of Mormon is at, while has general information about Mormonism.Some have belief systems, while others are agnostic about beliefs.What a wonderful thing I have and others also have!Honor your father and mother.But out of compassion for others, he returned to the world and taught his path to enlightenment.We can avoid suffering and achieve enlightenment through the eightfold path: living rightly about beliefs, intentions, speech, actions, work, effort, mindfulness, and concentration.But less enlightened people from diverse groups share some deep disvalues, like divisiveness and stereotypes.

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After centuries of persecution leading to the Holocaust, they created the modern state of Israel.Hard work may be needed to overcome prejudices, insensitivities, and hatreds.Recueil de textes du professeur Abdulaziz Sachedina, Paris: Publibook, pp.Oxford: Oxford University Press.Here am I, fond of my life, not wanting to die, fond of pleasure and averse to pain.Some rules sound strange.

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Do not forget that the world is one great family.Sometimes divisive people get the most publicity, and a vibrant GR day could counteract this.And they emphasize how Islam is like other religions and how different faiths need to understand and learn from each other.GRs from various religions.Searching all directions, one finds no one dearer than oneself.

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Reilly 2008: Ethics of Compassion, Lanham, Md.As the world becomes more and more a single interacting global community, the need for such a common standard is becoming more urgent.Finally, put these teachings into practice.Earlier sections of this course analyzed GR reasoning but avoided deeper religious and philosophical questions.Western, most thought it nicely expressed their own ideals.As a Christian, I can hold that God enlightened and transformed Buddha, for his good and the good of his people.

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Some Wiccans see this combination as the Wiccan GR; but others say their religion has no GR.Towards a global ethic: An initial declaration.His influence grew, partly through military conquest, and Arabia became Muslim.Could there be things that America was doing wrong?There was wide agreement on GR and the need for the document.Doing evil sets us back, while doing good moves us forward, both in this life and in the next.One who is going to take a pointed stick to pinch a baby bird should first try it on himself to feel how it hurts.

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Those who spread division are much the same, whether they be Christian, Muslim, Jewish, or something else.Christianity builds on Judaism.Pray to our Father, free yourself from worries, trust God.We need more research into other religions, especially tribal ones.Muslim, and pardon anyone who injures us.One who casts an equal eye everywhere, regarding everyone as his own self and the happiness and misery of others as his own, is deemed to be the best.

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Our true happiness is the spiritual possession of God, who is within us.Neighbors will give more help to a kind person, so the good you do will come back to you.China was the chief rival to Confucianism and Buddhism.And yes, the Dalai Lama signed the document along with over a dozen others who represented various branches of Buddhism.Same rule for us, same logic, yes, just without the supernatural justifications.In the same way, others are fiercely dear to themselves.One who regards all creatures as his own self enjoys the fruits of the holy places.

To reflect on the golden rule is to reflect from the perspective of a universal wisdom.Why did God create a world with many religions but a common GR?But it gives a lesson about how to treat not just baby birds but also humans and other sentient beings.There followed four commandments common to the various faiths:You shall not kill!Many ancient Greek and Roman polytheists supported GR.

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So the most important things in life are to love God and love our neighbor.Rabbis also divide and number the 613 commandments differently.Buddhism also teaches GR:Look where you will, there is nothing dearer to man than himself; therefore, as it is the same thing that is dear to you and to others, hurt not others with what pains yourself.Interfaith Declaration 1993 expresses an agreement between Jewish, Christian, and Muslim leaders on international business ethics.Standing Buddha statue at the Tokyo National Museum.See also Donagan 1977 The Theory of Morality, Chicago: University of Chicago Press, pp.

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The best rulers interfere little and are compassionate and flexible.Since GR is a consistency principle, this roots GR more firmly into how Jesus argued.World Scripture and the Teachings of Sun Myung Moon, New York: UniversalPeace Federation, pp.Based on these, Muslims forbid killing, adultery, stealing, lying, and disrespecting parents.Tao is the unspeakable primal reality from which everything else comes.

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Be unjust to no man, and show all meekness to all men.We need more research on indigenous or tribal religions, especially those less influenced by outside forces.These criticisms may contain much truth.GRs of different traditions, especially since translations can vary significantly.The golden rule, with roots in a wide range of world cultures, is well suited to be a standard that different cultures can appeal to in resolving conflicts.Just now I was with Queen Mallika.Religious: God implanted GR in our hearts and revealed it in every religion.

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Christian similarities, and call for dialogue.GR and world religions.Tao; then, paradoxically, it says much about Tao, using the word 82 more times.Desire for others what you desire for yourself; let your heart be pure and your judgments fair.Tao Te Ching book dates back to about the fourth century BC, it formulates a much older tradition.Mormonism, Christian Science, and the Unification Church are Christian.AD that GR was part of the wisdom of all nations.

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Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in WorldReligions, New York: Continuum.Do you really think different religions can use GR to get along?Confucius, Buddha, and Laozi are tasting vinegar.Shammai got angry and sent the Gentile away.Our duty is to follow Tao.

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Michel 2010: A Christian View of Islam, ed.The major obstacle is divisive people who ignore what their religion says about GR and instead preach hatred towards other religions.Yale University Press, pp.Lord our God with our whole heart and soul and strength.If someone would deprive me of my life, it would not please me.How does GR connect with the faith and justice mission of your Jesuit religious order?The traditional Vinegar Tasters painting teaches how Taoists view their rivals.

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The last example appeals to consistency.One who objects to universal love will yet prefer to put his trust in someone who practices it.As you regard yourself, regard others as well.The Historical Jesus in Recent Research, ed.GR to bring about change in the wider world, and especially in how various faiths relate to each other.

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The rest is commentary.Sudras, from the feet, do physical labor.Is there one word which can serve as the guiding principle for conduct throughout life?Some forms of Confucianism add gods, temples, worship, and venerating Confucius.On GR in Sikhism, see Rost 1986: The Golden Rule: A Universalist Ethic, Oxford: George Ronald.What can the various religious traditions teach us about GR?How can diverse people learn to live together?

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Care about divine, not human, approval and rewards.Indifferent to worldly objects, a person should wander about treating all creatures in the world as he himself would be treated.The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.In his travels, he learned about Judaism, Christianity, and polytheism.Many of us grew up seeing only our homogeneous neighborhoods, experiencing only our local cultures and religious traditions, and learning right and wrong from our families.

Walker, New York: Doubleday.In many forms of Buddhism, however, this repayment operates by a law of nature.What is good for the White Race is the highest virtue; what is bad for the White Race is the ultimate sin.So words from other traditions may help too.Rulers should ensure that a state has enough food, weapons, and trust.Preferably, both sides would do all this.And it goes against central teachings of both Christianity and Islam.

The prophets, who boldly denounced injustice, show another side of Jewish morality.Immortal Being; the true God is ever with him.Abraham are more diverse.These two forms are different; many think one form is flawed.Let there be no compulsion in religion.Paganism, Sikhism, Taoism, Theosophism, Zoroastrianism, and Interreligious Organizations.He does, however, prefer the complementarity view, which he sees as giving a richer way to think about how the two norms connect.

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Golden rule arguments: A missing thought?Many say the two norms are equivalent.Confucius says little about gods, karma, or the afterlife.Easterners think the same and all Westerners think the same.God can speak through other religions and that different religions can learn from each other.Jesus on the cross.Hailu pushed for an April 5 international golden rule day.

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India produced other religions.Wattles 1996: The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.Thomas Jefferson and many early Americans were Deists; they accepted God but rejected revelation and organized religion.He avoids paradoxical or mystical language.The Catholic Church rejects nothing that is true and holy in these religions.

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We do badly when we follow social convention or theory, as Confucius was seen as doing.Sermon on the Mount, which is still the best introduction to Christianity, is Matthew ch.The list triggered a growing passion for GR, especially as a tool for unity.This became in 2007 a longer letter to the pope and 26 other Christian leaders, signed by 138 Muslim leaders.The earth is in the center.

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GR in different religions emphasizing mutual understanding and respect for people who are different.For that state unpleasing to me must be unpleasing to him; and so how could I inflict that upon him?Augustine 400a: On the Sermon on the Mount, bk.Insofar as we agree on this, and put this agreement into practice, we have a good chance to learn to live together harmoniously.Buddhism teaches karma, that the good or evil we do to others will come back to us, now or in a future life.See there your own form.

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Many religions see life as a spiritual journey toward God; the Hindu journey covers several lifetimes.GR has been in other religions.They want to preserve a union of church and state that enforces Islamic law and forbids giving up Islam.Ron Hubbard, in 1981 published an ethics guide, The Path to Happiness, with two GR chapters.They descended from Abraham, were freed from Egyptian slavery, and enjoyed a golden age under King David in the Promised Land.

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They may believe in one God, many gods, or no gods.If I, in turn, were to deprive another such person of his life it would not please him.God on our side if we act immorally.Jaina Sutras, Sutrakritanga, bk.Deal honestly and fairly!

McKnight, Winona Lake, Ind.Lexington reinterprets GR using Buddhist ideas.May it help us to live together in peace and harmony!Lord your God who brought you out of slavery in Egypt.He mentions the Islamic GR and love norms.You shall not commit sexual immorality!

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Here we need to get clearer on the nature of God, as loving.You shall not kill.There is no one dearer to me than myself.Eastern teachings about GR.Every group overwhelming approved the document.In contrast, the complementarity view sees GR and the love norm as different.

God, but that from which the gods and universe came.For me, a genuine GR saying must apply to everyone.Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.There are many special days, and most have little impact.People are increasingly finding part of the answer in GR.Some Jews today take this rule seriously while others see it as obsolete.Sites andare useful to counter negative stereotypes against Muslims.

Muslims from all over the world gather there to pray in unity.Morality is serious, objective, and part of our personal relationship to God.What were their perceptions, feelings, sensitivities?If you hold that view, you need to study the gospels more.Further beliefs about nirvana may clash; but some Buddhist views of nirvana are compatible with Christianity.Be fair in your judgment, and guarded in your speech.

Confucianism, as is often done; but Confucianism has no standard, universally recognized symbol.GR is about procedure; when combined with knowledge and imagination, it gives a way to help us decide how to act.Religions met in Chicago.Buddha, with a bitter face, sees life as full of suffering and unfulfilled desire.We can learn much from any two random people.

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Gold 1 expresses their basic insight with greater technical precision, so it can withstand objections and be applied more easily to difficult situations.See that you never do to another what you would hate to have done to yourself.You shall not steal.Brahmins, made from the head, are leaders, intellectuals, and priests; they abstain from meat and alcohol.Orbis has a very positive assessment of Islam from a Catholic theologian.

Such activism can take many forms.Respect and love one another!One shared value is the golden rule.This may remind us of the karma of eastern religions.Some Western thinkers similarly argue that if my concern for myself gives value to what happens to me, then your concern for yourself must give value to what happens to you.So the proverb, while rooted in its own culture, is getting at a general truth.Some believe in one Buddha, while others believe in many Buddhas or that all are called upon to become Buddha.

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This is an important objection to the interfaith GR.Today many of our celebrations involve just one faith, and this is fine; but a celebration that brings all faiths together would also be good to have.You can still be happy if you have only coarse grain to eat, water to drink, and your arm for a pillow.According to Paul McKenna, a leader in this area, interfaith dialogue creates a shared vocabulary.An Abrahamic religion, again, is one that traces its origin through Abraham.Accordingly, we need to understand, celebrate, and practice this common value.Vaisyas, from the thighs, do farming, ranching, and business.

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Such pages are becoming more numerous, as people discover that GR is common to most religions.This beautiful temple is open to all faiths.The equivalence view claims that both say the same thing.GR, talks much about love.Is there anyone dearer to you than yourself?

Actions differ from desires.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.In this section Harry Gensler answers a number of questions about the golden rule and religious beliefs.GR forms are logically equivalent and thus have identical logical implications.They were captives in Babylon, struggled under the Roman Empire, and scattered into many lands.What a wonderful thing I have!Continents are connected by longitude lines but not divided by national boundaries.

In waging war, permitted only to defend ourselves or protect oppressed Muslims, we must minimize force, treat prisoners humanely, not show anger, and not injure innocent civilians.Finally, there is a call for all, whether religious or not, to follow their common ethic.Global Responsibility: In Search of a New World Ethic, New York: Continuum.Keep holy the Sabbath.You shall not lie!GR, while present in practically every religion, is considered significant only in Christianity and perhaps Confucianism?Should Islam adapt better to the modern world and Western values?

Do not oppress a foreigner, for you well know how it feels to be a foreigner, since you were foreigners yourselves in the land of Egypt.So those of lower caste are getting what they deserve, being punished for sins of a previous life.If we follow GR from love, we follow it because we care about others for their own sake.The action and desire forms are different but complementary.Judge the needs of your guest by your own.Which caste one is born into depends on how one lived in a previous life; a good life moves you up, while a bad life moves you down.

Why not an atheist GR shirt?Likewise, Gensler tries to understand other faiths fairly.Its five precepts forbid killing or harming sentient beings, stealing, adultery, lying, and intoxicating drinks and drugs.Violence should only be a last resort.Understand the feelings of others as you understand your own; the heart of another mirrors your own heart.How can our multicultural world find common values?

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Many religions had subgroups.Love your neighbor as yourself.But this goal needs concrete means to promote it, which the Torah provides.Why is the golden rule so special to McKenna?God and ultimately just one religion.

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Act for the one who acts for you.Good people, understanding their own feelings, can understand the feelings of others.Some Western thinkers have held similar things, including David Hume, William James, and Derek Parfit.He translated the poster into African languages and distributed perhaps 100, 000 copies, including one to every African head of state.Islam and the Secular State, Cambridge, Mass.As it would be to you, so it is to one you intend to oppress.

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Traditions divide and number these differently; here Gensler follows a system common in Judaism.GRs differ significantly between faiths.Groups that differ greatly need to agree on some things, like GR, that can help them to live together in peace.CommunicationYearbook 3, ed.They see the West as godless and decadent.Love your neighbor as yourself.

What groups most oppose a common GR across various religions?With a compassionate heart, turn toward all creatures.The Parliament would discuss and vote on, but not modify, the document.Finally, is GR present in all religions?It forbids killing, lying, stealing, and adultery.From these we have learned that the key to happiness is inner peace.

Islam and the Secular State, Cambridge, Mass.Words like karma, shalom, and tao, from specific faiths, refer to things common to many faiths.Speak and act truthfully!GR formulas also have stylistic and cultural differences.Why is GR so universal across humanity?But I must protest the nice things you say about other religions, which are from the devil, and their followers, who follow Satan.Gensler now answers three questions that some Christians might raise.

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Hillel Hillel: If Not Now, When?GR, only recently have I emphasized its global and interfaith dimension.Christian Bible, which Mormons also accept.One such norm is that every human being ought to be treated humanely.The main examples are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam.Code of Jewish Ethics sayssomething similar.GR sayings are bad; it just means that we need to tidy up the wording if we want something that can be taken literally.

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These explanations can work together.Islam remark shocked many.Another example, Samaritanism, is mentioned in the gospels but today has only a few members; it accepts one God and the Torah.What would a GR response look like?This proverb is vivid and concrete, not abstract and general.Four Hindu beliefs give GR a context.

This should be the irrevocable, unconditional norm for all areas of life, for families and communities, for races, nations, and religions.Paul McKenna, an interfaith lay minister with Scarboro Missions in Toronto, got interested in the golden rule in the 1980s while reading a book about world religions.To those who are good to me, I am good; and to those who are not good to me, I am also good; and thus all get to receive good.Kymlicka 2007: The Globalization of Ethics, Cambridge: CambridgeUniversity Press.These are explained in ways that all religions can accept.Instead, the United States gave an ultimatum and then used violence.

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McKenna envisioned a poster that would display GR in various religions.Whenever you break a stick in the woodland, you should consider what it would feel like if it were yourself who was thus broken.He answers in the first person based on his personal beliefs.As a result of such reflection he abstains from taking the life of creatures and encourages others so to abstain.UN and URI often work together.Klassen 1991: A Revolution of Values Through Religion, Riverton, Wyo.Advances in transportation, communication, and the Internet have shrunk the planet.

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Judaism was the original Abrahamic religion.So harmony between religions requires a campaign within each religion to live GR toward those of other religions.So Judaism had Orthodox, Conservative, and Reformed signatures.So the good or evil you do to others comes back to you, if not in this life then in the next.Gentile came to Rabbi Shammai, stood on one foot, and promised to convert to Judaism if the rabbi taught him the whole Torah while he stood on one foot.The ways ofConfucianism, Chicago: Open Court, pp.These, with immigration and multinational companies, have produced an unprecedented mixing of peoples and cultures.

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As it would be to you, so it is to one you intend to kill.Chapters 1 and 2 took the general idea and then tried to express it carefully to make it as good an idea as possible.Torah on one foot.For this reason no living being should be beaten, treated with violence, abused, tormented, or deprived of life.Yes, everything in Judaism goes toward this GR goal.

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African and Native American GR sayings.To do unto others as we would have them do unto us.The only king worthy of governing is one who values and loves his kingdom as if it were himself.Be as a lamp unto them that walk in darkness, a joy to the sorrowful, a sea for the thirsty, a haven for the distressed, an upholder and defender of the victim of oppression.Hailu uses interfaith dialogue to counter religious injustice and violence.

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GR in many faiths.Indeed, GR fits amazingly well into many different frameworks.She regards with sincere reverence those ways of conduct and of life, those precepts and teachings which, though differing in many aspects from the ones she holds and sets forth, nonetheless often reflect a ray of that Truth which enlightens all men.Those also can attain to salvation who through no fault of their own do not know the Gospel of Christ or His Church, yet sincerely seek God and moved by grace strive by their deeds to do His will as it is known to them through the dictates of conscience.Buddhism evolved different branches.

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We see that GR is on the move.Journal of Religious Ethics 21: 81 and 1996: The Golden Rule, New York: Oxford University Press.But they continued to disagree on many other issues.Wierzbicka 2001: What Did Jesus Mean?What you prefer for yourself, prefer for others; what you find objectionable for yourself, treat as such for others.Japanese Shintoism accepts many gods.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.

If you hear about the United Nations doing something with GR, or you see the leader of a country next to a GR poster, Hailu was likely involved.That man did wrong!GR and about concern for others, which GR deals with in a specific way; philosophies get covered in ch.Ten, Chicago: Open Court, pp.Judaism, Christianity, and Islam trace their origin through Abraham.In the Veda, the world was created from the dismembered god Purusha.Love provides GR with the highest motivation.

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John Hick 1992: 157 mentions Christians who tortured others to accept their style of Christianity, based on the belief that these people would otherwise be damned to eternal torment.Switching places is essential: we imagine the act done to us or to someone we love.Suppose you have gold in your backyard but ignore it.Theists can accept GR on these grounds too; but they also have religious grounds.Hinduism gave the West karma, methods of prayer and spirituality, nonviolent resistance, and yoga.The sharpest opponents are those who emphasize how religions differ and think that the emphasis on GR denies these differences.This brings us closer to moral perfection.

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Hindus tend to be tolerant of doctrinal differences, believing that ultimate reality is beyond our ability to put into words.That is the whole Torah.We all need to reflect on this question.Gensler knows of no objective way to decide between them.Chilton 2008: The Golden Rule: The Ethics of Reciprocity in World Religions, New York: Continuum.Those who study indigenous or tribal religions sometimes say GR is implicit in such religions.

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We eventually need to ask these questions and find answers that make sense to us.Saudi Arabia, is the center of Islam.The Historical Jesus in Recent Research, ed.He focuses on how to develop concern for others.Love neighbors and enemies: do good to those who hate you.Being distressed by suffering he saw outside the palace, he became an ascetical monk, denying himself pleasure and eating almost nothing.

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Some stress prayer, while others are more secular.They had the basic insight but not the same words.The poster emerged in 2000.Confucius also says:A man of humanity, wishing to establish his own character, also establishes the character of others, and wishing to be prominent himself, also helps others to be prominent.Most try to follow these values.This next quote, from the Dalai Lama, is about compassion:We all want to be happy and free from misery.

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First, what is its scope?This began in Ethiopia and was adopted by the United Nations and many countries.Or in positive terms: What you wish done to yourself, do to others!In 622, he traveled north to Medina to escape persecution.GR connects with two important Buddhist virtues: peace of mind and compassion.Jews have an identity based on history.