Women'S Right To Vote Today

women's right to vote today

Roy her youngest son died while working, when he fell into a river.Her eldest son Keene, was the only one that she believed turned out well.The leaders of the southern suffrage movement where motivated to vote with the hopes to maintain white privilege.They had a total of eight children, however only six survived past infancy.

Maynard tried her best to raise religious children often taking them to a baptist church.Her son Bill frequently broke the law, such as, beating up prostitutes, robbery, automobile theft, which eventually lead to jail time.Long Term Marriage Patterns in the United States from Colonial Times Tothe Present.Her youngest daughter, Mamie, married at sixteen to a divorced drunkard that supposedly beat her.Ida Maynard was interviewed for the Federal Writers Project on February 9, 1939.Maynard deeply disliked was women suffrage.In her interview she talked about her children.

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Her son Lonnie, who she described as lazy, eventually married and got a job.As her children grew up, she felt, that she failed at raising good children.Carpenter, Daniel, Zachary Popp, Tobias Resch, Benjamin Schneer, and Nicole Topich.Women were seen as incapable and vote, and if given the power would abuse it.Her eldest daughter, Sarah, went to visit her aunt when she was sixteen and was described as pretty and obedient, but after returning from her aunts she was wild and pregnant.At the age of 59, when Ida Maynard was interviewed she said that she was righteous, and ready to go, nothing is known after this date.It is possible that her name was Clara Pitkins prior to her marriage at the age of 15 to Pete Maynard.

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Children at Play: an American History.Many groups argued that white women should be allowed to vote to help counter the black vote.Another topic that Mrs.Urbana: University of Illinois Press.These religions were predominate in the Bible Belt, a region in the south that was socially conservative.

women's right to vote today

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Newspaper Coverage of First Wave Feminism and Suffrage in the American South.She claimed to have raised proud democratic children and proclaimed that she could go on forever about women suffrage.The Baptist religion was the predominate religion in the south during the early 1900s.Several political and cultural factors contributed to this.Maynard was grateful that her husband died from pneumonia prior to her children committing crimes because she believed seeing them as criminals would have killed him.New York: New York University Press.As a religion predominate in the Bible Belt, a region in the south that was socially and politically conservative, the Baptist religion of the three main religions in the South.

women's right to vote today

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New York: Oxford University Press.

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